Coffee houses in Nashville, TN are known for producing magic. Creatives of all kinds meet for an almond milk latte, hit songs are written, award winning scripts pour onto paper and dreams are realized. See? Magic.

That’s not exactly what happened here.

Melissa and Kia met up one rainy Monday afternoon for a cup of coffee and catch up time after Mel’s whirlwind weekend at Walker Stalker Con Nashville. They were chattering on about their love for all things The Walking Dead, Richonne and Michael Cudlitz’s hugs. Just as they were about to leave, Melissa said to Kia, “So, I have this really crazy idea. What if we made a podcast about The Walking Dead? And what if people besides us listened to it? And what if they actually liked it? And even if they didn’t, we would get to hang out all the time and talk about our favorite show.” Because the two friends share the same level of crazy, Kia replied with a resounding “YES.”

And thus the Two Dead Chicks were born. Apparently, they let just anyone make podcasts.


Favorite flavor of Doritos?

I gotta go with the OG Nacho Cheese.

What is the craziest personality you’ve ever given to an inanimate object

Ummmmm you mean besides my Abraham Ford pop doll that Kia got me for my birthday?

Acoustic show or full band?

I’m split on this one. The intimacy of seeing an acoustic show of someone like Ernie Halter or Who is Fancy is magical. At the same time, seeing Aerosmith (I love Steven Tyler like it’s my job), OneRepublic or KISS with a full band gives me life.

Do you believe in soulmates? If so, is coffee yours?

Of course I do. How can I not believe in soulmates in a world where Richonne exists?!?! And yes. Along with colorful office supplies, Twizzlers, glitter, fireball whiskey and Steven Tyler. Clearly, I believe multiple soulmates are possible. Except for Rick and Michonne. There can only be Rick and Michonne.

If you buried a time capsule under the football field during your senior year of high school — Saved by the Bell style — what would be in it?

My KISS posters, boy band albums (No Authority, BSB, Nsync, 98 Degrees), Bic Whirl Wavelength pens (why don’t they make those anymore?!?!), one of those wire bracelet things that looks like a tattoo from far away and Sonic Cheesesticks.

Favorite TWD character?

Abraham Ford is my boo thang. Military guy, complete teddy bear underneath all that badassery AND a red head?! Yes, please! It doesn’t hurt that Michael Cudlitz gives these amazing hugs that make you forget your own name. I actually have two favorite comic book characters though: Abraham and (don’t hate me!) Negan!


You’re in line at your favorite coffee shop. What are you going to order?

Iced chai tea latte. With almond milk. Unless it’s winter, then I’ll order it hot. But I’ll always order it with a side of grits, with tomatoes, onions, spinach and cheese. Mmm…Edgehill Cafe, can I please live in you?

List two of your pet peeves:

At work: throwing your trash in my trash can. It’s mine! How dare you?
In life: when people ask if they can touch my hair. Sometimes I let them, sometimes I don’t, but the ask always throws me off.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Prepared by my mother: fried catfish, fried potatoes, rice with butter, milk and sugar and a nice side salad. That’s what love is made of, right there.

Backstreet Boys, Nsync or NKOTB?

I don’t know what this question is. *NSYNC. Of course. There is no other answer. If you try to answer anything other than them, I’ll fight you. I know the tired old arguments: Justin and JC were the only ones who could sing. Who else do you need though?! Tell me the song where HOWIE is laying down some unreal vocals and I show you the devil ’cause you’re a liar.

What song title best describes you?

Infinite Possibilities by Amel Larrieux.

Favorite TWD character:

Michonne 😍 She’s an asset physically and strategically, she’s level headed and under her calm exterior beats a heart that loves deeply and fiercely. Also, gorgeous.